What you see in my artwork is almost entirely real stuff rebuilt from the inside out. I replace most, but not all, of the paper inside the books with recycled wood. The frame is fabricated after I’ve designed the piece.  It’s sort of like taxidermy.

All shelving is sturdy enough to support normal shelf loads. Though they can easily support a full shelf of books, they look better with curved objects on top, like sculpture, ceramics and glass. Don’t bury them under their own kind.

Use and Care
Book jackets are not easily repaired, so please, treat them with loving care. I coat some vulnerable surfaces but most are best left alone. To clean, gently dust or vacuum the shelves. Avoid the use of all wet cleansers. Direct sunlight can fades a book jacket.

Wall shelves and key hangers are invisibly mounted with two hangers hidden on the back. Clocks hang from a single hook or screw head. Each wall shelf includes complete, illustrated instructions and all the fasteners needed. You will need only a Phillips screwdriver.



You do not need to find studs in your walls. In drywall, use the provided self-drilling hollow-wall fasteners (shown below). In most plaster walls, you can simply drive screws into the wooden lath behind the plaster.

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