Tell Me What You Really Think

Scott’s wife told me a great deal about him before we designed this. The most distinctive trait was his passion for honesty. I try to find out what makes someone tick, not just what they do at work or on   …Continue Reading

Close to His Heart

The recipient of this piece, an electrical engineer, already had a shelf of mine, honoring his work with power lines. (Almost any subject is possible, at least once). A year or so later he had a surgery to reline his   …Continue Reading

All Grown Up

For a grown-up Nancy Drew buff. Her sisters, who commissioned this, and I went back and forth on whether this should include a vintage flashlight or the magnifying glass. How to commission artwork

Legal Thrillers

A gift for author and attorney, Sheldon Siegel. His mystery series, which had then reached five volumes, features a lawyer as protagonist. How to commission artwork

You Axed For It

A gift to honor the completion of a dissertation on poet Gary Snyder’s Zen influences. The books were selected by the client as references to source materials and the tool handle refers to a favorite Snyder poem, “Axe Handles.” How   …Continue Reading

An Accomplished Mom

Allison wanted to honor her mother, who had a host of passions, including outdoor education, tennis, building and gardening. But, above all, she told me that her mother always felt that she could do anything she put her mind to.   …Continue Reading

Art’s Shelf

Art’s family surprised him with a visit to my studio to commission a shelf. Though they had told me all of his interests in advance, in the end they selected nine titles from my Art collection to commemorate him by   …Continue Reading

Wall Mirrors

Approx 21 in. wide by 26 in. tall. Cost and shipping will vary, if the piece is larger. You may order these by size and color suited to your home. As shown, I work in whole book increments so the   …Continue Reading

A group of wall shelves

Wall shelves hung in a group can display collectibles, sculpture, trophies, tchotchkes — even books. These were part of a set of seven made for e room with red walls. The cost is far lower than my thematic pieces since these   …Continue Reading

The 5-foot Shelf of Books

Actually 63″ long, the instructions for this shelf were printed right on the spines of every book in the set. Each volume in this set of the Harvard Classics (nicely bound reprints of public domain classics) bears the above title   …Continue Reading

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