English Lessons

Who Done It?

                  A mystery solved using just three red and black books–the perfect color scheme for the genre. This piece featured in all my publicity for years has been available only a few   …Continue Reading

Very Short Stories

Approximately 4 inches high x  6 inches wide.


Instantly recognized as a symbol for health care, the reflex hammer accents this collection of books. SOLD

Vintage Nancy Drew Clock

The blue tweed covers preceded all the more painterly yellow covers that followed.

A Fortune in Your Spare Time

Writer’s Clock

A couple titles may be hard to read in this image:  The House of Words and The Enjoyment of Literature.

Keys of the Kingdom

Seen My Keys?

It took almost two years to figure out that this idea could be executed on a single book, rather than as part of a longer bookshelf. Then I had to discover the right book in which to mount it. This   …Continue Reading

Complete Shakespeare

Lovely spine on this collection. These clocks can stand on their own or hang on your wall. About 3.5 inches deep, 9 inches high  

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