Portrait of a Woodworker

  The blue book in the support bracket, “Woodworking as an Alternative Play Therapy Modality” is a winner. Did they really need, “modality?” In fact, this was a dissertation and my local library took the trouble to bind it (to   …Continue Reading


 Display onions and garlic or fruit on this shelf–it’s the only shelf I’ve made that you can scour. A vintage fry pan (complete with patina, as found) forms the shelf above three colorful cookbooks. This piece is sold so titles   …Continue Reading

Love Seat

Chair from wooden tennis racquets. I do not draw in three dimensions and had to build this in order to see what could be done. Given that I wanted it to look as iconically chair-like as possible, the mortise and   …Continue Reading

How to Wine Friends

The book on top is, “Evaluation of Liver Function. ”  The red book, “Magic In a Bottle.” The truth might lie in between. Display a favorite bottle of wine and a glass on top of this shelf.

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