Blue Shrine

   A set of tiny books, each about 4″ tall, transformed into a wall-hung shrine.

Dictionary Shelf

Starting with a three-volume dictionary set I added brackets from books about words. Note the way that gold foil type on the dictionaries reflects light to the eye. Laminated brackets are symmetrical in size, color and text orientation. Similar work   …Continue Reading

Auto Erotism

Only two of these books are really about cars. The supports read “Auto Erotism” and “Road to Survival” With 6 spark plugs to hang keys and a shift knob from who knows what. aprox. 26″ long.

Political Science of the Lambs

A collection of political titles meant to highlight, “Animals Without Backbones,” which features a spineless animal on the spine of a book. SOLD Aprox. 36″ long.

Dare to Dream

  I no longer have this piece but do have something of the same form with different titles. Please inquire for an image.  

Season to Taste

Hooks for aprons and dish towels are fabricated from a potato masher, ice pick, meat grinder handle and spoon. Support brackets read: “Simple Cooking for the Epicure” and “Serve it Buffet.” Aprox. 26″ long. Similar work available, please inquire for   …Continue Reading

Too Good To Be True

    A carefully selected pack of lies.

A Book Falls In The Forest

In this shelf, all titles refer to trees, wood, forests and the like.  The “books” on top are not attached.

No, But I Sawed The Book

  I woke up one morning with this title and liked it so much that I decided not to wait for someone to write the book.  Klaus Rotzher, a superb bookbinder, set the type and bound it for me. In   …Continue Reading

Jewish Cooking

Note the faux-Hebrew font used on “Jewish Cookery.” Before I read titles, I qualify them visually.

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