Pedestal Table

Leather bound ledger book, wood, dictionary This piece can be shipped flat-packed for re-assembly. Please inquire for shipping cost. 27 in. high x 21 in. wide Lost, May, 2012. Recovered January, 2014

Reading Table

A thematic approach to books in a table top. Here, the books must agree in color, thickness and subject, such as it is. It took quite some doing to find four that could fit together even this well. Imagine if   …Continue Reading

Mitered Table

Created as a proof of concept for mitering books. Once I taught myself how to make neat corners I knew that I could make larger table tops. This table was lost to theft in May, 2012, recovered in Fall, 2012.   …Continue Reading

Table of the Implements

Tools, leather ledger book, rulers 15 in. high x 23 in. deep SOLD

Round Table

A collage culled from my years producing shelves. Walnut edging, found column base. 27 in. high x 20.5 in. diameter Private collection


This is the first piece I made from books. The intense reaction I received from my wife, mother and daughter convinced me I just might be on to something. Caner-Beier Collection

Table of Cases

Commissioned as a conference table for two, the table consists of federal and state law books along with some personal references for the client. 32″ high, 31″ wide Collection of Brian S. Popp, Esq.

Three Shelf Case

A dated set of the Encyclopedia Britannica put to good use.  This size case has been the most popular bookcase  and sells for $900-1000. If you provide the books I will reduce the price by $150.  Aprox. 40″ tall.

Six-foot Bookcase

This tall bookcase required more than two complete sets of encyclopedias. It was built for a book designer in New York city.

You could even put books on your shelf…

All my bookcases and shelves can support normal loads. Typically, I build the to the scale and color that suit your room. A number of clients provide their own set of encyclopedias or law books. Pricing depends on the scale   …Continue Reading

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