Clearing the Air

Fahrenheit 212

Featuring titles on steam, fire, iron, furnaces and boilers Collection of Susan Jokelson One of three in a series featuring a set of furnace doors. 2 of 3 are sold, one more will be produced.

Professor Stork

 Six-foot tall coat rack. Tailoring by Sue Mary Fox This piece was lost to theft in May, 2012, recovered in Fall 2012. Please inquire about shipping cost.  

Cutting Horse

The pun, “saw-horse,” came easily. Finding a satisfying way to make one from saws took a couple years of collecting and some trial. Made from saw blades and recycled wood, this piece is mechanically fastened, not welded. Aproximately 15″ long.   …Continue Reading

All Politics is Local

A flat earth projection from Berkeley, CA. With an idea from Jerry Derblich and the generosity of Max Dichter. Exhibited at Berkeley City Hall, 2008 Published, Science Magazine, 10/27/2008Lost, May, 2012, recovered, Fall 2012. Repairs are underway. Original maps are   …Continue Reading

I Swear and Vow

I tried for over a year to find a nice old chalkboard on which to carve this resolution. Eventually I gave up and just made my own. This is the only piece I’ve built solely from raw materials. Grounding the   …Continue Reading

Carving Out Time

A phrase replaces 12 numerals. Start reading from the top, clockwise, of course. ‘At this moment.” Built from salvaged hardwood, this piece can be reproduced on order. hardwood, 15″ diameter   

Table of Contents

Many technical books contain matter better presented in a database. Here, “Tables of the Incomplete Beta Functions,” become a small table filled with blocks made from assorted tables of content from my collection. Cover remains ajar no matter how you   …Continue Reading

Catalog of Attachments

An early exercise to expand my vocabulary of tangible conjunctions. I think of my work as a form of constrained, tangible writing. Thus it made sense to me that this piece was built in a knock-off of a printer’s tray,   …Continue Reading

Reading Chair

  Unlike most of my shelves, the book titles in this chair are of no importance. Made from a set of tiny Funk & Wagnall’s encyclopedias, pencils and salvaged wood (~6″ high) Collection of Leyburn Library, Washington & Lee University

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