You and I can design a piece using any of the 5,000 titles I have collected, and maybe some of yours, too. If you provide the “lumber” I’ll give you a great discount.

customI cannot remember ever getting something I have liked as much. I have been taking the shelf with me everywhere I go so that all of my friends can see it. ” – Robin Ballard, CA

Wall-hung shelves and clocks may be custom made to honor anyone in your life. Occasions like weddings, birthdays, retirement and graduation are a terrific time to think about such a gift. Bookcases and shelves may be built for a specific wall in your home or office.

Give me just one book or just an idea; I will build you a gift they will always treasure. Each book can reflect an aspect of a life. Think of it as a biography in book titles.

When you commission a work:

  1. I will interview you to see if I can meet your expectations.
  2. If so, I will send digital mock-ups and images of books.
  3. You tell me which of those grabs you.
  4. I will revise until you are satisfied, then build it and ship the work.

Let me know what kind of shelf you want:

Commission Me:
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Or call (510) 845-0106 (9-5, PST)

Lead time: It takes only a few days to fabricate the work but since we don’t know how long it will take to find out what you like it is always wise to contact me well in advance.

Cost: Typically I ask for an additional $50-100  for commissioned pieces.   The added value seems to be far greater but I really like working on more personal pieces.  No design charge to commission a clock from a single book.

Shipping: Shipping cost within the US for most wall-hung pieces is generally between $12-$25 via UPS. International shipping is via the postal service.


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